Week 7-Team Assignment

 In a book chapter “Booz Allen Hamilton’s Global People Strategy,” Shrader (2007) offers the following advice for global leaders:

Global leaders need to help people visualize the vision, within it for them, and how they can get there.

Global leaders need to listen and engage others and part with those who were not engaged.
He suggests Global Leadership Insights for leaders as follows:

Lead by listening first, then bring closure and leading action .

Have a clear leadership vision and deliver consistent messages

Be disciplined-it’s a sign of respect for others and yourself.

Establish priorities, make them a part of life, and then live by them (Shrader, 2007, p.198).
The single highest priority according to this CEO is to stay in touch and be visible and accessible.
This is valuable feedback to global leaders such as Paul and his staff in the Roaring Dragon Hotel case study could have used this advice when working with the Chinese staff.
Work with your team to complete this assignment
Answer the following questions to complete the assignment. Be specific and comprehensive in your responses.
Please include the Nova coversheet with all team member names as part of your paper assignment and post to the assignment link (Week seven).
Multicultural team
The Roaring Dragon Hotel case study offers us an opportunity to assess multicultural team effectiveness and offers Paul and his staff (from both national cultures) recommendations on how to leverage the strengths each culture brings to the organization.
1. Use the “Building an Effective Global Business Team” article assigned in this
week’s readings to answer the following :
a. List the reasons global business teams tend to fail and identify those you
found in the case study.
b. Using the author’s recommendation, develop specific recommendations
you would present to the management and staff in this case study.
2. Use table 8.2 on pages 221-222 in Schneider and Barsoux’s book to complete
the following :
a. Discuss how Paul and his staff could have used task and process
strategies to manage the multicultural team. Include in your paper how the
cultural determinants became a liability in the task and process strategies
and your recommendations on how to leverage the cultural determinants.
b. Include a brief assessment on the role national culture dimensions played
in the conflicts and challenges (Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance,
Individualism, Masculinity, and Low/High Orientation).
c. Include in your paper specific recommendations on how you would
proceed resolving the conflict presented in this case study.
Culture and strategy
Managing the human relations aspect of multicultural teams is very important and as we can see from our readings and available research, it can mean the difference between
being successful or failing in a culturally diverse environment. Paul and the
organization he represented prior to taking on the leadership role at the Dragon hotel
operated within a specific organizational strategy influenced by its national culture.
Analyze using national culture dimensions (Hofstede, GLOBE).
“’11″” Use
chapter 5 in Schneider and Barsoux’s book to answer the following :
a. Identify the two national cultures in this case study
b. Identify the strategy views each culture represented
c. Discuss and include in your paper which cultural model strategy you would
recommend at the Dragon hotel organization. Discuss the implications of
the cultural determinants of strategy (both the external adaptation and
internal integration)


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