Marketing manager's document.

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Volkswagen is launching a new range of Smart vehicles. You are the marketing managers and need to decide on one of the potential new vehicles in terms of product/brand name, the target market and where you want the product to be positioned when it launches. You need to write a brief for your communications agencies. […]

Annotated Bib–Comm Marketing, IMC

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perfectly formatted APA annotated bib for the research paper topic needed. Successful IMC Marketing: Moving Beyond the Nash Equilibrium and into Game Theory with Cognitive Psychologists The standard economic models used to study marketing communications usually focus on game theory and the use of the Nash equilibrium. Economic theorists who use these models view their […]

Meet your Advisor

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Meet your Advisor – Set up an appointment with your academic advisor. Complete the advising form, and if possible, get advised for the next semester. What questions can you ask your advisor that would assist you in preparing for your mid-term project? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper […]

Organisation Design and Organisation Development

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Working on the “Newskool Grooves” case study and drawing on relevant organisation design and development theory address the following tasks: Identify and describe the nature of topic(s) critically and thoroughly Literature review Has evidence of reading on relevant material beyond those given in teaching sessions or exercises Refers extensively to sources Evaluates literature logically and […]

Global Marketing Strategies

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Assume you are deciding to “go international.” Outline the steps you would take to help you decide on a product line. Describe the different promotional/product strategies available to an international marketer. Give few examples of how a foreign marketer can use knowledge of the characteristics of innovations in product adaptation decisions. Looking for the best […]

IE50 (Inspiratory to expiratory flow at 50% of expiratory volume) in tidal breathing effect in obstructive airways

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investigate the effect of bronchodilator on asthmatic children the parameter IE50 you have calculated during tidal breathing. Provide a paper talking about this parameter IE50 during tidal breathing in obstructive airways(Asthma), and the differnces in this parameter between normal and asthmatic children. and the changes of this parameter after receiving bronchodilator. Looking for the best […]

Road Vehicle.

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Research into Rules and Regulations Governing the Design of Vehicle Chassis, Body, Steering, and suspension systems as fitted to a commercial vehicle. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

pathophysiology of lower and upper urinary tract infections.

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Select two of the following patient factors: genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, or behavior. Reflect on how the factors you selected might impact the pathophysiology of the infections, as well as the diagnosis of and treatment for the infections. ================================================================================================================ Post a description of the pathophysiology of lower and upper urinary tract infections, including their similarities […]

Chinese-Thai Restaurant manager.

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Title and Abstract Title should be unique to your research, inform the reader about the study. No more than 15 words length. Abstract should be a short summary of the report, including your research questions, how you went about your observations, the results and discussion points. Introduction Brief history, size and significance of the industry […]