Improving business performance.

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evaluate how a business of your choice could improve on its current performance (profit growth, revenue growth, efficiency and resource optimization). Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Conducting a job analysis.

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Explain how you would conduct a job analysis in a company that has never had job descriptions. Describe in detail the steps in conducting a job analysis and the methods used in the process. What are some of the pitfalls that should be avoided? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a […]


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POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES VALUE OF THE ASSIGNMENT: 20% OF YOUR FINAL MARK ASSIGNMENT DEADLINE DATE: 29TH OCTOBER 2015 You should select ONE of the nine journal articles, as listed overleaf, and provided for your attention. Following your review of the content therein, the assignment requirement is that that you address the article’s core […]

Chinese-Thai Restaurant manager

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Report Guidelines Title and Abstract (10%) Title should be unique to your research, inform the reader about the study. No more than 15 words length. Abstract should be a short summary of the report, including your research questions, how you went about your observations, the results and discussion points. Should be between 100-150 words in […]

“Teenagers in Dreamland”

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I. Read the article “Teenagers in Dreamland” in the textbook (Page 270-272). Summarize the main idea of the article in three sentences. II. Pick two quotes from the text, explain what the quotes mean and why you think these sentences have caught your attention. III. Essay question What kind of problem did the author point […]

statistics coursework

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Question 1   (10 marks) Include an appropriate diagram for each part of this question. You can sketch these diagrams and paste in a photo of your sketch, along with your solutions. BranCrunch is a new breakfast cereal. Boxes of BranCrunch are labelled ‘ 675 grams’ but there is some variation. The actual mean weight is […]


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Hi, Thanks for the work can you please revise the following, you need a lot more pages I can see 1. The health schools framework you have used is incorrect to see the correct framework please visit: 2. You need to revise your groups: This will help you establish a context for your planning […]