Research Methodology.

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Provide a literature review on the following topics, A) Research Approach: (Inductive vs. deductive) add a comparison table that summarises the two points. B) Research Methodology: (Quantitative vs. qualitative) at the end add a comparison table, Comparison of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed approaches. C) Research Purpose: (Exploratory, Explanatory & Descriptive) add a table that summarises […]

Classroom Management Tools

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Classroom Management Tools Part One: Expectation and Consequences Posters Create two posters that can be displayed in Birth to Age 5/Pre-K and K to Age 8/Grade 3 classrooms. The posters should outline your classroom guidelines for behavior expectations, reinforcers, and consequences. Be creative and reflect the developmental level of each age group on the respective […]

Strengths for leading.

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Abstract excerpt: The present research investigates the impact of authentic leadership on followers’ morality, operationalized as ethical decision-making, in the face of temptation. This experiment finds that authentic leadership and temptation interacted to affect individuals’ ethical decision-making. Specifically, authentic leadership significantly inhibited individuals’ from making unethical decisions in the face of temptation, whereas followers of […]

Financial Analyst Recommendation Report

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this is a Financial analsys Report for Virgin Australian Group. As part of developing professional judgement, and application of this judgement, please choose which analytical approaches/tools/methods they decide to apply (or not to apply) and which analytical approaches/tools/methods they wish to emphasise in comparison to others. The course textbook is Business analysis & valuation. You […]

Case Study: Rentall Trucks.

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Use the attached template as a starting point and do the following: develop the vector of initial state probabilities reflecting current market shares. Develop two transition matrices — one for business as usual and one for the new policies The formulas in cells B6:D20 will populate once you enter the inital states and transition probabilities. […]


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the introduction in Dancefilm by Erin Brannigan as she outlines the relationship that film and dance have that you might need to raise in the dance theoretical framework. Her work might be interesting to use in terms of how she applies a framework to particular works. You will see how dance in film theory adopts […]

Well designed product.

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choose one product you own and think that is one of great design and take a picture of it. explain why this is such a great well designed product. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

Competition and Strategy

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  Please answer the following 3 questions thoroughly explaining the answers with Real life examples – it is preparation for an exam Please make sure it is FULL answers! 1. Five Forces Framework – describe the 2 forces chosen & discuss why the level may wary and how do they effect industry profitability (The Question) […]