portfolio theory

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besides the background, introduction, and so on, please add some examples to discuss the benefits and drawbacks under some conditions. and please use some basic mathematics to analyze the example. see the video: read part 2 of this book https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4lJ4EYUCTKyZExCczV3OVFfcmc/view and read some other books, journals or articles   Do you want your assignment written […]

Graphic Design Artist

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“Choose a subject from contemporary practices in graphic design. Write a research paper of a modern graphic designer who is not dead. and whose work is completely contemporary. A designer that you admire and are influenced by, a movement a particular medium, new venues for graphic design etc. Choose something that is of interest to […]

Social control Theory

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This is a 15 page essay as follow: the 1st 5 pages are about the book ” Vold’s Theoretical criminology” sixth edition. Authors: Thomas J. Bernard, Jeffrey B. Snipes, and Alexander L. Gerould. Please refer to the end of the chapter’s 5 questions in order to write the 1st 5 pages. the 2nd 5 pages […]


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Chose only one of the three articles below and write a memo on it. 1. All Animals Are Equal by Peter Singer 2. The Tragedy of the Commons by Garret Hardin 3.Why I am Not a Nonanthropocentrist: Callicott and the Failure of Monistic Inherentism by Bryan G. Norton   For a custom paper on the […]

Cria Cuervos (1975) by Carlos Saura.

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The assignment is to write an analysis of the film Cria Cuervos (1975) by Carlos Saura. You can select a particular aspect to focus on, such as story, historical background, visualization, editing, cinematography, directing, or music. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.

case study of research method

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you have to read the case study that i will post it in the attachment and then answer the discussion questions i will post 4 PDF file for , ( 4 chapters) you have to answer the case study questions for the four chapters to help you better these are the numbers of the pages […]

effect of bronchodilator on asthmatic children

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please write a paper with a good reference talking about this parameter IE50 during tidal breathing in obstructive airways(Asthma), and the differnces in this parameter between normal and asthmatic children. and the changes of this parameter after receiving bronchodilator.   Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an […]

Marketing manager's document.

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Volkswagen is launching a new range of Smart vehicles. You are the marketing managers and need to decide on one of the potential new vehicles in terms of product/brand name, the target market and where you want the product to be positioned when it launches. You need to write a brief for your communications agencies. […]