Supporting Activity DBMS and Data Mining

A motor vehicle maintenance center wants to improve its services by using database management systems (DBMS) and data mining. What tables are needed in such a database and how can it help improve their services?

To find out what tables are needed; first we need to define the entities and attributes associated with this database. A ERD should be created to show the relationships between the entities and attributes. Since this is a motor vehicle maintenance center trying to improve its services, then the entity should be VEHICLE. The entity is an object of interest to the end user. The VEHICHLE entity includes the attributes of VEH_MODEL, VEH_MAKE, VEH_YEAR, VEH_COLOR and VEH_VIN among with many other attributes. To make the database more flexible we can assign a primary key (PK) to the VEH_VIN which will act as an identifier. By typing in the vehicle’s vin number, this can pull up multiple information from the database. Here is an example from

chapter 4 from Entity Relationship (ER) modeling. Below the diagram a multivalued attribute in an entity.

By implementing these tables, entities and attributes, this will help this maintenance center a great deal because, the employees will be able to work more efficiently, effectively and quicker. This can avoid phone calls to other shops or dealerships trying to locate parts or even locating old filed records on vehicles.

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