Resocialization of inmates after years in Prison

Thesis_ Socializing of inmates after jail time

6000 words


-Can an inmate fully socialize after prison?
-Are they still prone to commit felonies?
– What aspects, programs are there to help these people?
-What is the most effective program? Is there a correlation between the programs and their resocialization?


Prison systems, programs in the USA
Over 20 years in prison
Differences between men and women?
Age of going to prison (if they have a family or not)

Problems within prison:

In prison, the survival instinct kicks in
Often gangs within prison, also felonies in prison: thefts, knifings, killings, fights, blackmailing?

Prison changes a person:

The Psychology book by C.C,V G,?

What happens when a good person finds himself in a bad place (Philip Zimbardo)

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