My Hero

I would like a paper that honors the testimony of courage and true Passing It Forward values of my father. I have outlined a few statements that I would like in the paper. Please add heartfelt statements and patriotism to the story.

Comprehensive ?Total? Fitness is every day for me, thanks to my father.
I know the holidays are around the corner, and many of you have a favorite at the top of your list; but if you know me, you will not be surprised to read about mine.
When I?m ask to present and talk about what is important to me, or why did you accept to work with the military, you might see a tear on my face or hear my voice crack a little.
Or why hearing ?Wing Beneath my Wings? or ?American Hero? will always make me cry.
This is because I was raised with respect, honor and patriotisms first and foremost.
Veteran?s Day is and will always be my favorite holiday, due to the heritage instilled in me by my father.
A proud tank driver in numerous battles, and part of the landing operations in Operation Neptune, he was wounded during combat, and sent home to recover at Edward Hines, Jr., Memorial Hospital, managed by the Veterans Administration (VA) just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Once healed, he went back to Chicago, as a highly decorated Army Staff Sergeant, and started a new chapter in his life.
By 1950, my dad moved to Plainfield, where he assumed the operation of several Standard Oil service stations, and right before he retired was an owner of 7 full service stations.
During the years if a veteran came in ?down on his luck,? a call would be made home to my mom stating ?Got one of my boys here, bring up a sandwich? and the veteran would get a nice meal as well as their service (fixed tire, engine issue, full take of gas, wiper blades, a few dollars) for free, and they didn?t know this until after the fact.
My mother decorated the home like it was the 4th of July, every Veteran?s Day. Huge sign on the porch stating ?Open to all veterans, our home is yours.? Home was open to any military member that needed a hot meal and a warm place to stay overnight. Flag always on the flagpole.
When I was young, I often wondered who these people were coming and going during the day, (everyday, not just Veteran?s Day) but as I grew older understood the phrase my father would say though out the year??Got to always take care of my boys,? and how important it met to him.
Did this for over 50 years in business, and until his passing in 2004. (in which he still had shrapnel in his hip from WWll)
Most of you might know me as the Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) manager or the Community Support Coordinator, but I would like you all to understand as ?one of you.? Because ?Passing It Forward? (a skill in CAF) is really who I am, and it was installed in my entire life starting with my ?Hero,? my father. It?s not because I have the point on the program, but truly have a passion of living my values.
Because of his longtime association with and love of the ?Mother Road? as well as his aid to countless veterans and travelers along the historic route, my father, Samuel L Reichert?who operated this ?Motherly care? along historic U.S. Route 66 in Plainfield, Illinois longer than any other dealer, was nominated and inducted into the Route 66 Hall of Fame in 2012. (over 50 years)
Go ahead and enjoy the turkey and stuffing, the bright lights and hot coco, but for me, red, white, and blue is at the top of my list because?
It?s is my privilege and honor to continue to work with active duty military, veterans, and military organizations, and continue the passion of ?taking care of your boys,? every day dad.

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