IT security

data generation and data analysis using spss is needed here.

Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet

This is a two part capstone. the topic is securing a wireless enterprise netowrk. By securing I mean security like protocols and prevention of unathorized user of the network of enterprise campus environment. this isto include an accurate project timeline and deliverables.

Your proposed project will take one of the following four formats (see the attached ?Project Format Descriptions? for further information and project examples):
? intellectual product/service
? physical product/service
? event or activity
? system improvements or enhancements

Work performed on contract for a third party or for an employer is their property. You must obtain their permission to include the work. Your work for task 2 will not be evaluated until the appropriate form(s) in task 1 have been submitted.


A. Identify a topic for your project that aligns with your degree program.

B. Create a proposal (suggested length of 15?20 pages) that will be a narrative description of your project, including the following components:
1. Cover Sheet: Provide a cover sheet for your proposal that includes the following elements:
? project name
? your name
? your degree program
? your student mentor?s name
2. Introduction (suggested length of 2?4 pages): Provide an overview of your project.
3. Review of Other Work (suggested length of 3?5 pages): Provide a review of what other third-party work has been done on this topic.
4. Rationale (suggested length of 2?3 pages): Provide a rationale for your project.
5. Systems Analysis and Methodology (suggested length of 2?4 pages): Provide a systems analysis and methodology by doing the following:
a. Provide an analysis of the current state of the project environment.
b. Provide a methodology for executing your project.
6. Project Goals and Objectives (suggested length of 3?5 pages): Explain the goals and objectives for the project, including the following information:
? identification of goals and objectives
? description of goals and objectives
? criteria that will be used to measure the objectives
7. Project Deliverables (suggested length of 5?8 pages): Explain what types of deliverables your project will provide.

Note: Your project will include some sort of formal report. It will likely also include a technical IT product and/or a user?s manual or other documentation.

8. Project Timeline with Milestones: Provide a projected timeline with milestones for your project.

C. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

Create a formal report (suggested length of 25?50 pages) in which you elaborate on the components of your proposal and explain the actual development of your project by doing the following:
1. Cover Sheet: Provide a cover sheet for your project that includes the following elements:
? project name
? your name
? your degree program
? your student mentor?s name
2. Introduction: Provide a logical overview of the actual development of your project.
a. Include a precise description of your project.
b. Include a thorough discussion of your review of other third-party work done on your chosen topic.
c. Include a thorough discussion of your rationale for the project.
d. Include a thorough discussion of your systems analysis and methodology for the project.
3. Project Goals and Objectives: Explain why you did or did not accomplish the goals and objectives set for your project.
a. Include a list of the goals and objectives identified in your proposal (i.e., Task 2: Proposal).
4. Project Timeline: Explain why you did or did not meet the timeframes set for your project.
5. Project Development: Explain the development of your project and what your project actually accomplished by including some or all of the given points:
? problems encountered and how they were solved
? reasons for changes made to your original plan
? unanticipated requirements or components that needed to be resolved
? actual and potential effects of your project
? conclusions about the success and effectiveness of your project
6. Evidence of Project Deliverables: Include evidence (e.g., discussion, artifacts, and examples) of key project deliverables that will document and explain your project development. Possible deliverables are as follows:
? code samples or screen shots
? flowcharts, UML, or other process diagrams
? charts, tables, and graphs
? network diagrams (before and after)
? training material
? technical IT product itself

C. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

Capstone Proposal Project Name:
Student Name:
Degree Program:
Student Mentor Name:

Table of Contents
Capstone Proposal Introduction 1
Review of Other Work 1
Project Rationale 2
Systems Analysis and Methodology 3
Goals and Objectives 4
Project Deliverables 4
Project Plan and Timelines 5
References 7
Appendix 1: 8
Appendix 2: 9
Appendix 3: 10

Capstone Proposal Introduction
The Capstone Proposal Summary section has a suggested length of 2 to 4 pages. This is the section where you should introduce the organization and describe the problem and the scope of the proposed work. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your Capstone Proposal Summary here, replacing this paragraph.

Review of Other Work
The Review of Other Work section has a suggested length of 3 to 5 pages. The Review of Other Work section is where you ?validate? using third party sources, both, the problem that you are trying to solve and the solution that you are proposing. Typically, you are looking for 4-6 references (all cited in-text and at the end in APA format) that support your project. References can be case studies, implementation guides, published best practices or any other resource that helps to tell the story of why you need to make the changes that you are proposing. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your Review of Other Work here, replacing this paragraph.
This is the Block Quotation style. Use it for quotations of external work that exceed approximately 40 words. This is the Block Quotation style. Use it for quotations of external work that exceed approximately 40 words. This is the Block Quotation style. Use it for quotations of external work that exceed approximately 40 words.

Project Rationale
The Rationale section has a suggested length of 2 to 3 pages. Use this section to elaborate on your proposed solution and methods/approach to solving your stated problem. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your project Rationale here, replacing this paragraph.

Systems Analysis and Methodology
The Systems Analysis and Methodology section has a suggested length of 2 to 4 pages. In this section, you should describe the current state of the relevant environment and discuss how the current state will drive or affect the definition and implementation of your proposed solution. Also, make sure that you define the specific methodology (process) that you will follow when you execute your project. For instance, will you use the SDLC, ADDIE, Agile programming?or some similar methodology that is designed to ensure that your project deliverables meet the project requirements. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your Systems Analysis content here, replacing this paragraph.

Goals and Objectives
The Goals and Objectives section has a suggested length of 3 to 5 pages. It is important that you differentiate between the terms ?Goal? and ?Objective?. They are two different things. Goals are high-level issues that typically provide the ?Why? for a project while objectives are more mid-level tactics that tend to address the ?How?. Objectives should be specific and measurable and it is normal for several objectives to combine to satisfy a goal. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your Goals and Objectives discussion here, replacing this paragraph.

Project Deliverables
The Capstone Project Deliverables section has a suggested length of 5 to 8 pages. Use this section to expand on each of the objectives that you identified previously. List and describe each of the specific activities that must be completed in order to meets project objectives. Similar to the relationship between objectives and goals, it is common for many deliverables to combine to meet high-level objectives. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste or type your Project Deliverables content here, replacing this paragraph.

Project Plan and Timelines
The Project Plan and Timeline section is where you will address the sequence and timing for the deliverables and Milestones that make up your project. ALL deliverables that you identified in the previous section should be listed in a table similar to the following one. Key elements of the timeline are the expected duration, start date and end date for each task. This is the Normal Paragraph style. Paste your Project Plan and Timeline overview here, replacing this paragraph and use the following table as a guide for organizing your project plan.
Project Deliverable or Milestone Duration Planned Start Date Planned End Date

Enter your references to external work here, using the ?Hanging Indent? style. Enter your references to external work here, using the ?Hanging Indent? style. Enter your references to external work here, using the ?Hanging Indent? style.
Purdue owl: APA formatting and style guide. (2012). Purdue online writing lab. Citation style chart. Retrieved from

Appendix 1:
Note: Copy this into a separate Document and Save As ?Capstone Project Waiver or Release Statement?. Check the appropriate box and uploaded the completed document as Task 1 in TaskStream for evaluation, then delete this content from your Technical Writing document?it must be submitted as a separate file, not as an appendix within your proposal document.


Capstone Project Waiver or Release Statement
It is the policy of Western Governors University (?WGU?) that student Capstone projects should not be based upon, and should not include, any proprietary or classified information or material belonging to your employer or any other organization (?Restricted Information?) without appropriate authorization.
Accordingly, in conducting your Capstone project you are required to make one of the following declarations:
? My Capstone project is not based upon and does not include Restricted Information.

? My Capstone project is based upon and/or includes Restricted Information. Before submitting any Capstone work I will obtain authorization to use the Restricted Information in the manner proscribed by WGU.

< Date>

Appendix 2:
Note: Use this letter template if you require permission to use this Restricted Information ? If this document is required, it must be submitted as a separate file in Task 1. Do not leave this in your proposal document. It is here as a resource, in case you need it.

Authorization to Use Restricted Information

It is the policy of Western Governors University (?WGU?) that student Capstone projects should not be based upon, and should not include, any proprietary or classified information or material belonging to your employer or any other organization (?Restricted Information?) without appropriate authorization.
Instructions: Use the template below to produce a letter which, when signed by an individual with the necessary authority within your employer company or another organization, will authorize your use of Restricted Information.

Re: Authorization to use proprietary and/or classified information in a student research project.
Dear [Sir or Madam],
The purpose of this letter is to authorize [insert student name], a student at Western Governors University, to conduct a university capstone research project utilizing the following information and/or material owned or protected by [insert name of organization]:
[Provide description of project and specific information/material to be used in your Capstone project.]
By my signature below I represent that I am legally authorized to act on behalf of [insert name of organization] with respect to this authorization, and that [insert name of organization] authorizes [insert student name] to use the information and/or material referenced above for the purposes of a student research project at Western Governors University, recognizing that the information and/or material may be shared with University faculty and students.
< Date>
<br /> <Address> <br /> <Email> <br /> <Phone > <br /> Appendix 3: </p> <p>Paste body of Appendix 3 here. That is, if you have one. If not, delete this entire section. 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value="121">121 pages/approx 33275 words</option><option value="122">122 pages/approx 33550 words</option><option value="123">123 pages/approx 33825 words</option><option value="124">124 pages/approx 34100 words</option><option value="125">125 pages/approx 34375 words</option><option value="126">126 pages/approx 34650 words</option><option value="127">127 pages/approx 34925 words</option><option value="128">128 pages/approx 35200 words</option><option value="129">129 pages/approx 35475 words</option><option value="130">130 pages/approx 35750 words</option><option value="131">131 pages/approx 36025 words</option><option value="132">132 pages/approx 36300 words</option><option value="133">133 pages/approx 36575 words</option><option value="134">134 pages/approx 36850 words</option><option value="135">135 pages/approx 37125 words</option><option value="136">136 pages/approx 37400 words</option><option value="137">137 pages/approx 37675 words</option><option value="138">138 pages/approx 37950 words</option><option value="139">139 pages/approx 38225 words</option><option value="140">140 pages/approx 38500 words</option><option value="141">141 pages/approx 38775 words</option><option value="142">142 pages/approx 39050 words</option><option value="143">143 pages/approx 39325 words</option><option value="144">144 pages/approx 39600 words</option><option value="145">145 pages/approx 39875 words</option><option value="146">146 pages/approx 40150 words</option><option value="147">147 pages/approx 40425 words</option><option value="148">148 pages/approx 40700 words</option><option value="149">149 pages/approx 40975 words</option><option value="150">150 pages/approx 41250 words</option><option value="151">151 pages/approx 41525 words</option><option value="152">152 pages/approx 41800 words</option><option value="153">153 pages/approx 42075 words</option><option value="154">154 pages/approx 42350 words</option><option value="155">155 pages/approx 42625 words</option><option value="156">156 pages/approx 42900 words</option><option value="157">157 pages/approx 43175 words</option><option value="158">158 pages/approx 43450 words</option><option value="159">159 pages/approx 43725 words</option><option value="160">160 pages/approx 44000 words</option><option value="161">161 pages/approx 44275 words</option><option value="162">162 pages/approx 44550 words</option><option value="163">163 pages/approx 44825 words</option><option value="164">164 pages/approx 45100 words</option><option value="165">165 pages/approx 45375 words</option><option value="166">166 pages/approx 45650 words</option><option value="167">167 pages/approx 45925 words</option><option value="168">168 pages/approx 46200 words</option><option value="169">169 pages/approx 46475 words</option><option value="170">170 pages/approx 46750 words</option><option value="171">171 pages/approx 47025 words</option><option value="172">172 pages/approx 47300 words</option><option value="173">173 pages/approx 47575 words</option><option value="174">174 pages/approx 47850 words</option><option value="175">175 pages/approx 48125 words</option><option value="176">176 pages/approx 48400 words</option><option value="177">177 pages/approx 48675 words</option><option value="178">178 pages/approx 48950 words</option><option value="179">179 pages/approx 49225 words</option><option value="180">180 pages/approx 49500 words</option><option value="181">181 pages/approx 49775 words</option><option value="182">182 pages/approx 50050 words</option><option value="183">183 pages/approx 50325 words</option><option value="184">184 pages/approx 50600 words</option><option value="185">185 pages/approx 50875 words</option><option value="186">186 pages/approx 51150 words</option><option value="187">187 pages/approx 51425 words</option><option value="188">188 pages/approx 51700 words</option><option value="189">189 pages/approx 51975 words</option><option value="190">190 pages/approx 52250 words</option><option value="191">191 pages/approx 52525 words</option><option value="192">192 pages/approx 52800 words</option><option value="193">193 pages/approx 53075 words</option><option value="194">194 pages/approx 53350 words</option><option value="195">195 pages/approx 53625 words</option><option value="196">196 pages/approx 53900 words</option><option value="197">197 pages/approx 54175 words</option><option value="198">198 pages/approx 54450 words</option><option value="199">199 pages/approx 54725 words</option><option value="200">200 pages/approx 55000 words</option></select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input name="o_interval" id="o_interval" value="1" onclick="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();" type="checkbox"> </td> <td> Single spaced </td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td> <div id="num_pg_ord" style="width:auto; float:left; font-size:12px; display:inline;">approx 275 words per page</div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Urgency: </td> <td> <select title="Paper urgency" class="required" name="urgency" id="urgency" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();"><option selected="selected" value="">Please Select...</option><option value="6">8 hours</option><option value="12">12 hours</option><option value="24">24 hours</option><option value="36">36 hours</option><option value="48">48 hours</option><option value="3">3 days</option><option value="5">5 days</option><option value="7">7 days</option><option value="9">9 days</option><option value="10">10 days</option><option value="14">14 days</option><option value="21">21 days</option><option value="30">30 days</option><option value="60">2 Months</option></select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Level: </td> <td> <select title="Academic level" class="required" name="academic_level" id="academic_level" onchange="javascript:doOrderFormCalculation();"><option value="">Choose</option><option value="1">High School</option><option value="2">College</option><option value="3">Undergraduate </option><option value="4">Master </option><option value="5">PhD 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id="lblCustomerSavings"></div> <div style="display: block;" id="lblCustomerSavingstext"></div> <div class="preview"><input type="submit" class="order_submit" value="Order Now"></div> </p></form> </p></div> </p></div> <div id="text-24" class="widget widget_text"> <h3 class="widgettitle">Our Guarantees</h3> <div class="textwidget"> <p class="img"><img src="/images/noplagiarism.png" alt="image" /></p> <ul class="right"> <li>Free Unlimited Revision</li> <li>Money Back Guarantee</li> <li>Guaranteed Privacy</li> <li>Plagiarism Free Writing</li> </ul> </div> </div> <div id="text-24" class="widget widget_text"> <h3 class="widgettitle">Customer Satisfaction</h3> <div class="textwidget"> <p class="img"><img src="/images/satisfaction.png" alt="image" /></p> <ul class="right"> <li>More New Projects</li> <li>More Projects in Progress</li> <li>More Inquiries</li> <li>More Returning Customers</li> <li>Timely Delivery</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div></div> </div> </div> </div> </section> <footer> <div 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