Is pay a motivator?

Define the different forms of pay. e.g. pay could also mean: stock   options,compensation,salary,bonus,commission for sales etc..
Need to mention pay will motivate people until a certain level e.g. to meet their basic needs (link to Maslow hierarchy of needs) but beyond that money is not a motivator anymore. because after they reached their basic needs they need to reach higher level of needs in order to motivate them not only extrinsic rewards for reaching higher level needs such as self-actualization, self-esteem needs etc.(link with Maslow theory).
Can also argue is pay also a demotivate  e.g providing wrong information for customers in order to mislead them to buy more stuff and u get more commissions this pay leads to sales person have bad behavior. Give examples of sometimes pay can leads to people changing to certain behavior which is not always good.
Answer doesn’t have to be yes or No CAN BE TO SOME EXTENT PAY IS A MOTIVATOR but some extend is not. Need to have in flavor and against arguments. Arguments have to be theory support with evidences and examples from journals. Can group the journal writers that are against and infavour and narrow it down to a conclusion. Can also mention how pay motivates workers in different types of jobs e.g. some jobs motivate better
with pay, but some jobs e.g. that includes creativity can’t be that effective to use pay as motivator..
Important readings :(these are the ones i suggest, but you should find some theories and research studies that are
related to this topic.)
1) Chapters 5 (Motivation at Work), Woods, S.A. & West, M.A. (2014). The Psychology of Work and Organizations   Second Edition.  Cengage Learning.
2)And include ‘Maslow hierarchy of needs’ theories
Shows strong evidence of analytical insight and critical thinking
Shows a clear understanding of the major factual and/or theoretical issues
Directly engages with the relevant literature on the topic
Develops and sustains a focused argument
Shows strong evidence of planning and appropriate choice of sources
The text is introduced and concludes appropriately
STRUCTURE:* remember to add in text citation
1) introduction
2)Main body:
a)Literature  of the relevant theories of motivation and performance and behavior etc
b)for and against arguments ( theories supported by evidences)
3) conclusion
**** 2500 words is only for intro to conclusion, bibliography is not counted

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