field work assignment

The report is in three parts (roughly 1/3-1/3-1/3 split). It should be referenced appropriately. Feel free to include photographs, maps, etc.
Part 1. Provide an overview of the history of Sydenham Green and the severity of noise impact. Explain how the construction of Sydney’s third runway led to Sydenham Green.
Part 2. Explain the key principles adopted for managing aircraft noise in Sydney (e.g., Nero and Black 2000).
Part 3. Discuss the geographical unevenness of the impact of aviation (both benefits and costs) using Sydenham Green as a context (e.g., relevant passages are p.452-457 of Nero and Black 2000, but other sources will also be needed). In your answer, explain the relevance of the seminal article ‘Tragedy of the Commons’.

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