Compare the origins of the French and American revolutions.

Main Topic : Compare the origins of the french and American revolutions. What ways do the factors behind each revolution reflect the situation in each country? How did those factors influence the course of each country’s revolution?

500-800 word essay.


? Yes-Bibliography. (format)

? Cite from a variety of FIVE sources, including your textbook, lecture, videos, and primary source documents. (citations/sources)

? First paragraph, make a one-sentence introduction, then underline your thesis. Your thesis is simply a short statement about why you think x,y, and z happened. (analysis)

? Use a transitional sentence at the beginning of each paragraph that introduces your new ideas/examples. (format)

? Explain WHY your points matter, connect them to the bigger picture. Use examples to support your explanations. Cite them. (analysis)

? Have a summary paragraph explaining why your thesis and supporting examples are important WITHOUT completely repeating yourself. (analysis)

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