A brand of entertainment

What is required is for you to watch current TV commercials/view print ads/ listen to radio commercials/view on-line ads for a brand. There will be cases where the brand does employ more than one media channel, so you should view as many ads for the brand as possible.

You will analyze the advertising for the brand as follows:

1. Advertising Category/Name of the Brand Chosen
2. Purpose of the Advertising- What is the advertising program seeking to accomplish? This should be a simple statement or even a paragraph of the objectives of the ad campaign.
3. Creative Strategy/Brief- You should look to analyze the ads with these questions in mind…What is the creative approach? What problem is the brand looking to address? Who is the brand trying to reach/appeal to? What are the key consumer benefits and does it deliver those benefits? If there are any brand mandatories, do you think they are helpful or not? In essence, you are developing a Creative Brief.
4. Competitive- You should compare your brand’s message to the competition. If applicable, choose one or two competitors who advertise and analyze the similarities and differences between the brand you chose and the competition. Essentially, you are developing a competitive Creative Brief.
5. Media Strategy- Review the media channels used by your brand and provide a point of view. Do you think the brand is employing the correct vehicles, based on creative strategy stated above? Is the competition using the same or different media vehicles?

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