Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



1.1 What are the criteria for labeling drug use as drug abuse?

2.2 Why is it difficult to test a biological theory of drug abuse?

3.3 How can a depressant reduce pain sensations?

4.4 In general terms, explain the physiological effects of stimulants on the human body.

4.5 Discuss amphetamines, including their effects, aspects of tolerance and withdrawal, medical uses, and associated dangers.

8.1 What was the National Prohibition/Volstead Act and what was its purpose?

8.2 What is the Harrison Act and what events led up to its passage in 1914?

9.3 List and describe three primary sources of the world’s illegal drugs and discuss their relative contributions to the contemporary drug problem.

9.4 What is money laundering? Describe various ways it can be accomplished. 

10.5 Describe the effects of constitutional restraints on drug law enforcement.

These discussion questions are required to be approx. 350 words in length each and be pulled from 3 sources for each question. There is 10 total questions which are listed by number above. Please attach number to respective question when typing them so it is easier for me to separate them in the format.


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